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I've been reading comic books seriously since about 1980, and I spend a lot of time and resources on them. Originally I mainly read Marvel titles, particularly Chris Claremont's X-MEN and as they came out, the various related titles (THE NEW MUTANTS, EXCALIBER, X-FACTOR), but in the time prior to his leaving Marvel I bought less and less of their titles as, in my opinion, their quality went seriously downhill.

Another title I enjoyed (while it lasted) was STRIKEFORCE MORITURI, a fine tale of a near-future world being ravaged by marauding aliens, the only defence against whom are a group of artifically created superhumans. Unfortunately, the process which gives them their powers also gives them a lifespan of less than a year before they burn out, and die...

These days, the only Marvel title I've been buying is Kurt Busiek and George Perez's AVENGERS, because, knowing the quality of their work from elsewhere, I was prepared to risk it. For the same reason I also buy the occasional issue of THUNDERBOLTS.

I also brought the collected reprints of Alan Moore and Alan Davis' CAPTAIN BRITAIN which they put out a couple of years ago, as these were some stories I'd been wanting to get my hands on for quite some time, and were, fortunately, worth the wait.

The collected SQUADRON SUPREME mini-series from 1985-1986, written by Mark Gruenwald, is also in my opinion well worth reading.

Other than the Avengers, I buy a number of DC titles, some Image and Dark Horse stuff, and some Manga titles. I've been pretty impressed by DC in recent years, in the way they've been branching out into more 'specialised' lines, like Milestone, Vertigo and Helix, with many more 'mature readers' titles, and I imagine that is why DC make up the majority of the comics I buy these days.

From DC, I read the following current titles :

And also, DC have published a lot of quality stuff in the past including:

From Image, I read:

From Dark Horse, I like the following:

Manga I like because a lot of it has a very different feel to the American comics I usually read, and because some of it is very good.

I can also thoroughly recommend:

The majority of my comics I buy from Gosh! In central London; the rest I tend to buy from Calamity Comics in Harrow.

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Last Updated : 27th December 2000 (I know none of my other pages are dated, but it's a bit more relevant here than elsewhere.)

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