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Apocalypse Now

Interlude Three: Timeline

By David bar Elias


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[Taken partially from John Ringo's Hell's Faire.]

October 9, 2004:

First Landings (5 Globes) in New Jersey, British Namibia, Russian Mauritania, Georgesland, Shantung, Lisbon, Taranto, and Sao Paulo. First Battle of Manhattan.

November 8, 2004:

Last Transmission from the Royal Spanish Command Centre, Madrid. Remaining Spanish troops flee to either the Balearic Islands or to the Pyrenees.

November 19, 2004:

Last Transmission recorded from the Anglo-Spanish Command Centre, Tangier. Surviving British, Portuguese, and Spanish forces will spend the rest of the war huddling in the Atlas Mountains.

December 26, 2004:

The Boxing Day Tsunami (caused by an earthquake of magnitude 9.2) strikes the Indian Ocean, destroying several refugee camps in the NEU East Indies, and damages the coastal defences of Pondicherry, Ceylon, and Madras.

December 30, 2004:

Last Transmission from Zuid Afrika Command, Cape Town, Cape Colony. The surviving NEU forces flee to Duome Xide Dao [Chinese Madagascar], and from there eventually make it to NEU Somaliland, to join the British defence lines surrounding Ethiopia.

July 28, 2005:

First Wave (62 Globes)

Primary Landings in the Thirteen Colonies, Ukraine, China, India, and Australia.

August 18, 2005:

Last Transmission from Royal Australian Command, Ayers Rock, Australia. A Posleen attempt to land on Tasmania is bloodily repelled on August 21.

August 22, 2005:

Beginning of the Siege of Sevastopol.

April 4, 2006:

Second Wave (45 globes)

Primary Landings in China, the Middle East, South America, West Coast of North America, and Western Europe.

April 7, 2006:

Last Transmission recorded from United French Command in the Free City of Paris. French refugees from the southern French states flee to either British Corsica or Sardinia.

April 9, 2006:

Last Transmission recorded from Italian Unified Command, Pisa.

April 10, 2006:

Beginning of the Siege of the Levant, with the front extending from the Suez Canal in the west to the Golan Heights and Jordan River to the east.

April 13, 2006:

Last Transmissions from the unified Anglo-Russian task force in Kuwait City and Abadan.

April 15, 2006:

Last Transmission from the Royal Belgian Command Centre, Liege. Last Transmission from the Amsterdam Command Centre, NEU. The Posleen advance towards Hanover and through the Netherlands are hampered by batteries of underwater artillery in the North Sea and the English Channel.

May 2, 2006:

Last Transmission from the Turkish Command, Ankara, Ottoman Empire.

May 12, 2006:

Last Recorded Transmissions from Charleston, South Carolina.

May 15, 2006:

Advancing into deserted Beijing, a Posleen force is annihilated when the New Model Army activates the multiple nuclear warheads buried beneath the city.

May 29, 2006:

Beginning of the Sieges of Ethiopia and Aden.

June 3, 2006:

Beginning of the Siege of Shang-Kun. Civilian refugees from Chinese Malaysia, Cambodia, Annam, and Thailand flood the NEU East Indies, Chinese New Guinea, and the British Philippines.

August 6, 2006:

Second Battle of Manhattan. The remnants of the 188th are evacuated via submarine to Boston. Multiple tactical nukes are detonated amongst the Posleen as they advance into Manhattan itself.

September 22, 2006:

Last Transmission from the New Model Army, Hong Kong.

February 1, 2007:

Battle of Titan Base.

March 17, 2007:

Third Wave (73 Globes)

Landings: Europe, North Africa, Mexico, India II, South America II. The first landing in the British Isles is destroyed by the Home Guard and the Imperial armed forces near Birmingham.

March 20, 2007:

Last Transmissions from the Unified Austrian Command at Salzburg. Refugees filter into the Balkans and Greece.

March 30, 2007:

Last Transmissions from Fort Montezuma, Mexico City; Mexico will detonate the remainder of its nuclear arsenal amongst the Posleen in Mexico City as Mexican forces retreat to Haijou, Nicaragua, and Tejas. Beginning of the Siege of Nicaragua.

April 10, 2007:

Last Transmissions from Calais and Brittany. A second Posleen attempt to land in the British Isles is thwarted off of Ireland.

April 22, 2007:

Last Transmission from the Imperial Brazilian forces at Amazonia Base, Bahia Province.

September 18, 2007:

The First Battle of Earth. Loss of the Battleships George III, Romanov, Sun Tzu, Warrior, Tsingdao, and St. Petersburg, among others.

December 20, 2007:

Fourth Wave (65 Globes):

Primary Landings: Russia (European Russia), West Coast North America II, Russian Central Asia, China III, British Isles (England).

December 24, 2007:

Last Transmissions from Yueba Buerna, Haijou and Romanovia, Aleyeska.

January 3, 2008:

Last Transmissions from the New Model Army at Dalian and Tianjin.

January 8, 2008:

Last Transmissions from Southampton.

January 10, 2008:

Second Battle of Earth. Loss of Battleships Victoria, Catherine the Great, Zheng He, Shiva, and Hanover, among others.

January 14, 2008:

The Death of London. The Posleen are driven off initially, but then return in greater force. It ends with the multiple detonation of tactical nuclear weapons throughout the city, wiping the metropolis, and the Posleen task force.

February 11, 2008:

The Burning of St. Petersburg. As the Posleen close in the centre of the Russian capital, multiple tactical nuclear weapons are detonated, wiping out the city and most of the Posleen in the process.

March 5, 2008:

A joint Anglo-Russo-Chinese team conducts a classified estimate of the surviving human population: Earth human population estimated at c. 1.9 billion, most of whom are British, Russian, or Chinese subjects, with the NEU, Quebec, and Denmark being among the only other surviving nation states. The total Posleen population estimate is in excess of 10 billion.

April 8, 2008:

The Southern Breach: The Posleen break through the Terran lines in Tejas.

Return of the Fleet marks the beginning of the Relief of the City-Fortresses.

May 12, 2008:

The Relief of Sevastopol. The Relief of Manchester.

May 14, 2008:

The Relief of Birmingham.

May 20, 2008:

The Relief of Khandahar and Kumming.

May 22, 2008:

The Relief of Bombay and Ceylon.

May 23, 2008:

The Relief of Duome Xide Dao.

May 28, 2008:

The Relief of Haiphong, Shang-Kun, Fuzhou, Tsingdao, and Nanjing.

June 2, 2008:

The Relief of Baltimore, Boston, and Philadelphia. The lifting of the Appalachian Line.

June 8, 2008:

The Relief of the Levant, Ethiopia, and Aden. The Relief of Corsica.

June 10, 2008:

The Relief of Nicaragua. The lifting of the Pacific Line.

August 4, 2008:

A fifth Posleen wave of 64 Globes is destroyed in the Third Battle of Earth with fresh reinforcements from the Forge.

August 10, 2008:

The last operational Posleen force on Earth is destroyed at Persepolis, Russia.

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