"Red inside, of course - a deep cherry-red, smoke-shot, fulgent. It seemed to have picked up something extra of light and glitter during the trip through the Pattern.

"...There was a distorted reflection of the Pattern within it, surrounded by winking points of light, tiny flares and flashes, different curves and paths."

Corwin, in 'Sign of the Unicorn', Chapter 3

'It is best kept near the centre of things. ... It tends to have a distorting effect on shadows if it lies too long among them.' Though on the nature of this distortion 'There is no way to tell, in advance. It depends entirely upon the location.'

Dworkin, in 'The Hand Of Oberon', Chapter 5

Cost : 10 points [Free]; cannot be bought partially

PRE-REQUISITES : Ranked Psyche.

This is essentially the same as in the ADRP rule book.

Basic initiation into the Jewel of Judgment, like walking the Pattern, is something which is all or nothing. However, there are a number of more advanced abilities, too, which can be acquired only with long practise, or training from a more advanced initiate. Basic powers include :

WEATHER CONTROL - this allows control of the weather, and the directing of (for example) lightening bolts at targets (using Warfare) even within Amber itself. This is especially useful against massed enemy forces.

FREEZE PEOPLE IN PLACE - as per mind-locking, but without eye contact, and at longer range. This works en masse for shadow dwellers. The range at which this power functions is limited by the relative Psyches of the Jewel user and the target (for example, Brand had to get within ten feet of Benedict in order to freeze him with the Jewel), as is the number of people who can be frozen at once. This freezing effect affects both the body and mind of the target; Trump links to the frozen person will stay open, but they cannot be used to travel down or escape with.

CONTROLLING THE JEWEL AT RANGE - for example, making the wearer spontaneously combust (if they do nothing about it).

DRAW ON THE JEWEL - a person who is attuned to the Jewel can draw energy from it to keep going beyond their normal limits. However, this has its limits, and can be a danger if it is used too much.

ATTUNE OTHERS - a person who is attuned to the Jewel can attune other willing subjects to it. They do not have to be of the Blood of Amber. After all, Dworkin was not, as far as it is known, of any specific blood when he attuned to it

The Jewel of Judgment may have any number of more advanced abilities. Perhaps it can be used to create permanent shadow paths, for example those linking the Golden Circle, or to monitor the area around the Pattern it relates to; this might be why Oberon did not guard the Pattern in Amber more thoroughly. Perhaps it could also be used to manipulate reality in and around Amber, especially in Tir-Na Nogth, as it is the least real of the places in Ambers shadow; perhaps this is how Oberon gave Benedict his mechanical arm. Oberons deeper understanding of the Jewel definitely allowed him to do things with it that others (apart from Dworkin of course!) cannot. Very few people are aware of its full capabilities.

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