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The demons of Chaos have, since their overthrow by humanity millions of years ago, been savagely culled, bred and manipulated by eugenics, shapeshifting and vivisection by the Masters (the humans of Chaos) into a wide variety of slave races. Those with the appropriate powers will detect signs of this is all demons.

In most cases their initiative, imagination, curiosity and originality have been bred out of them. In many cases most of their IQ has gone, too (apart from that required for basic survival, and their bred-in tasks), to the point of their being barely sentient. In all cases the ability to lie has also been largely removed, as well as, for all but warriors and police, the ability to fight.

They do not know love, beauty, freedom, curiosity, disobedience or hope. Only obedience, loyalty and fear.

Some demons were (secretly) bred by the Spellsingers to be especially susceptible to their Voice powers.

Most are illiterate, but have good memories (slaves who forget their master's orders do not last long). For most demons, literacy is a magical power of the Masters. The demons have no culture or history - as far as they know, existence (not life!) has always been like this.

Most demons are at least partly resistant to the Abyss (more so than humans).

Each breed has its own language, shared with those above and below them in the chain of command; some of these languages hurt the throat of a human speaker to pronounce; most of them have a small vocabulary and no words for certain concepts, such as love, beauty, disobedience, freedom, hope, and curiosity. This was done as another means of control, perventing different types of demon from speaking to one another. The demons at the very top (such as the Ittibya) speak Thari too. Each breed and individual has its place in the hierarchy.

The demon's part of Chaos is an intestinal labyrinth of tunnels and chambers, in varying colours.

With all the humans of the Royal House gone, the centre of the demon's world, source of motivation and orders is gone too. Without orders, many demons did nothing beyond that required for simple survival. Only those with permanent orders (warriors to train, spies to spy, doctors and heal and so on) did not simply sit.

The machine of Chaos society, even so, is now ungoverned, and runs on only on inertia.

Note that humans were bred by demonkind, too, before their overthrow, but nowhere near as much as humans have bred demons. This is the basis for the differing appearances of the various Families of Chaos. The 'normal' look of the Amberites was, for Dworkin, a rebellious departure from convention...

Demon Types

There are a great many types of demon in Chaos. The most common types are the 'conventional' demon types - cloven-hoofed, goat-legged, horned or goat-headed, bat-winged, with diamond-tipped tails, in a very wide variety of shapes and sizes. However, there are also many other types, stranger than these,divided into four main groups:


Servants (those who would have had interaction with the Masters)

Police, Secret Police and Maintainers of Genetic Purity

Workers (behind-the-scenes types)


There are also other demons who fall outside of these groupings, but who are used by them all

Some Example Statistics

For some of the more common demon types.

Ciddigul 50 Amber 5 Amber 10 0 Double Speed 10
Psychic Neutral 10
Extra Hard Claws and Teeth 5
Alternate Form - Visible/Invisible 10
Food -85 Human Human Chaos Human 0 -
Geutria 60 Human Amber 5 50 0 Resistant to Firearms 10
Double Damage Claws and Teeth 10
Enhanced Sensorium 10;
High Warfare from many limbs
Ittibya 70 25 Chaos 5 5 0 Resistant to Firearms 10
Grand Sorcery 10
Intrinsic Spell Rack 15
Ranged Psychic Sensitivity 10
Joseg 50 Human 25 5 25 0 Resistant to Firearms 10
Double Damage Claws and Teeth 10
Koar 35 25 N/A Amber N/A 0 Psychic Neutral 10
Niochun 50 Human 15 Amber 15 0 Resistant to Firearms 10
Double Damage Claws and Teeth 10
Engine Speed Flight 15
Enhanced Sensorium 10

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