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My current champions game, set in the London of a different world to the 'Overman' games. In this world the first confirmed superhumans appeared during the first world war, with larger numbers appearing during world war two, and ever since. Some scientists have speculated that the appearance of superhumans is somehow linked to human population density, with a critical value being passed in the 1940's; others are less convinced.

Although various super-genius types have had an effect on technology since the War, so far this has not had too great an effect on everyday life. However, who can say what the future holds...

One noticeable difference between the real world and that of this game is the presence of UFO's. They are very common, with at least one being seen over every major city every day. What they are, and what they are doing, no-one knows.

In this game I have not been as restrictive on powers as in the Overman games. Magic is much more freely available, as are powers which use time and dimension manipulation. However, Mental powers are still limited in extent...

However, like the Overman games, there are no known space aliens, no known contact with other dimensions, and no known faster-than-light or time travel. Well, not until campaign segment three, in any case.

Between campaign segments three and four we had the second part of the Moscow Superheroes game, and this has inspired me to switch this game over to using the Everway game system too, rather than the Champions system. We shall see how it goes...

Anyway, on to the details of the game so far, which are sub-divided into the following sections:

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The Timeline of the London Champions World

Game Notes from the Sessions

Campaign Segment 1 - Deathstroke and Lamplighter

Between Campaign Segments 1 and 2

Campaign Segment 2 - Viper and Into a Future

Campaign Segment 3 - Kidnapped by the Brood

Between Campaign Segments 2 and 3

Campaign Segment 4 - Against the Brood

Between Campaign Segments 4 and 5

Campaign Segment 5 - Puritan World

Land of the Lost

Player characters who are no longer with us:

Other Information

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