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So, Who Is This Tony Jones Anyhow?

I have been a systems engineer since 1995.

Prior to this, I completed a Ph.D. in high temperature superconductivity at the (now former) Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Superconductivity at the University of Cambridge (where I was a member of Christ's College). My thesis is available online. Before that I completed a degree in physics at the University of Portsmouth (Portsmouth Polytechnic as it was then). And I was born in 1966.

But that's enough about work and the like.

Since 2004 I have been married to the lovely and talented Karen.

Outside of work, I do a number of things. Primary amongst these is roleplaying, with alternate history following some way behind it. I also spend a considerable amount of resources on comics and science fiction.

I also enjoy going to the cinema (here are links to UIP, Warner Brothers, and 20th Century Fox), and am a member of Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam, Anti-Slavery, Liberty (the human rights organisation, not the shop), Shelter and The World Development Movement.

I also consider myself to be a Transhumanist. As for my religion (if anyone cares), I am an atheist.

Links to Friends And Family Pages

Several of my friends and family have web pages, so it only seems sociable to have links to them:

Notes on These Pages

I've used relatively little formatting and graphics on these pages for several reasons. Firstly, in order to reduce downloading times for the pages. Secondly, because most of my pages are simple text documents I think it is rather pointless to put on significant amounts of gratuitous graphics; they work well as they are, using HTMLs own formatting commands. Thirdly, this way my pages are accessible to the maximum number of people; for example those whose browsers are not Frames-capable. Lastly, all these pages are written in my spare time, which I do not have in unlimited quantities, unfortunately!

There are a lot of pages on how to write Web pages out there. This is a good one, and seems pretty comprehensive and readable.

Please send any comments to me at tony {dot} website {at} clockworksky {dot} net.

Also, be aware that this site is constantly under construction, so it is entirely possible that things will be changed or added to without warning or notification (though it will be very rarely that anything is actually removed).

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