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"The Real World is Important, But I Wouldn't Want to Live in it All the Time." - Me.

This is something I enjoy a lot, both face to face and over Email. There are lots of roleplaying sites out there. In particular, Woodelf's Page is very good and covers just about every RPG there is.

I've played in and run a number of games over the years, but I don't have stuff from all of them on computer. However, the links below are to what I do have, on separate pages, listed by game system.

In addition to this, there are a number of other sections on this page, including:

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There are some other games which I don't have any material for, but which deserve at least a mention. Firstly GURPS, by Steve Jackson Games, for the sheer variety and quality of its worldbooks and other supplements. And secondly, the various White Wolf games, for their serious angst potential.

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Roleplaying Game Books and Comics

 Worlds and World Design

I consider a good world background to be an important part of a decent roleplaying game, and I enjoy creating world backgrounds myself, both of worlds which are the Earth, and also alternate-history Earths. So, first, here are links to, in general, some fairly non-system-specific worlds of my creation along with some general notes and utilities.

Other Worlds and Games Of Mine

I have also created a set of pages which describe the scheme of Heaven, Purgatory and Hell from the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri which was used in one of my Amber games.

Also, here is a page something which I have found useful from time to time, and which may be useful to others as well, namely, two methods for calculating the distance to the horizon on any world.

Alien Races

Other Things Of Mine

World Design-Related Links

And to help in general world design, here are some links to a variety of world design-related sites (I make no promises as to how valid they may currently be).