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"History is the sum total of things that might have been avoided."
- Konrad Adenauer

Alternative history is a sub-genre of science fiction that has interested me for quite some time. For those who are not familiar with it, alternative history is something which looks at the 'what ifs' of history, looking at things that could have happened at various points in history - events that could have gone a different way to how they did in reality - and seeing what sort of world, and what sort of history, grows out of those changed events.

An example of this sort of thing is the question 'What if Napoleon had won at Waterloo?' What would that victory have implied for Europe, and the world? And what would the world be like today if Napoleon had won there? Probably something very different to the real world, but how different, and in what ways? Most alternative histories concern human history, but there are also examples of alternative natural histories too, making changes in geology or ecology and seeing where they lead.

I have written a number of alternate histories over the years, and that is the main reason that I have created this page. Many of them were created in relation to various of the roleplaying games that I run. Some of them, particularly ones involving the appearance of superhumans in the world at some point, are very specific to those games, or types of games, and as such are included there, rather than here. Others are more generic, and they are the ones that I have included here.

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  • Clive-Less World : An alternate history where Robert Clive (Clive of India) committed suicide before forcing the French from India, leading to a French-dominated world with a different path of political and scientific development.
  • Gurkani Âlam : An alternate history where the Mughal Empire remains strong, leading to a world dominated by the nations of India and Europe, with somewhat more rapid technological development than in the real world.
  • Monarchy World : An alternate history where there are three superpowers, the British, Russian and Chinese Empires, engaged in a three-way nuclear balance of power.
  • Puritan World : An alternate history where the powers of Europe are threatened by the totalitarian and theocratic Puritan New Commonwealth of the Americas.
  • Superpunk : An alternate history where the Axis won W.W.II, and where the current year is 2127.
  • Tellus : A history in which the Roman and Chinese Empires met in 100 AD, leading to a much earlier industrial revolution and a catastrophic world war in 1475 AD.
  • Wolfworld : An alternate history where the last ice age never ended.

All of these either would be or have been suitable settings for roleplaying games.



To various things that have been very useful in the creation of my alternate histories.



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