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Originally intended as an alternate universe for the Overman 2336 party to visit, it remained unused after a major change in the plot. However, I think it is still an interesting world, an worthy of posting. It is a background which could be used with any system, not just Champions (for which it was intended). This is why these pages can be reached both from the Roleplaying page, and the Champions page.

This world diverged from the real world in AD 100, when an expeditionary force from the Chinese Empire stumbled across an outpost of the Roman Empire (as almost happened in the real world).

This contact, and the wars and tensions between the two empires which resulted, stopped both empires declining, and fuelled technological development so that a (real world) 1990's level of technology was reached by the early 1100's AD, and soon surpassed.

It all ended in an apocalyptic war, the Nex, in AD 1475. Civilisation fell, and long-lived robotic war machines kept it from recovering until more than five hundred years later, when the last of them ran down.

Now, in AD 2335, three thousand and eight-eight years after the founding of Rome, the world has rebuilt itself to roughly the pre-Nex level, but with far more than simply the rebuilt Roman and Chinese empires, and with many prejudices against some of the technologies arising from the Nex.

In all the pages below, dates and places are given in Tellurian terms, with real-world equivalents [in square brackets] afterwards. Dates are given from the founding of Rome (AUC), with the equivalent Christian calendar dates following them.

The following pages describe various aspects of Tellus :

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