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In my opinion, the Hero System, and Champions in particular, is the best system there is for running superheroic and heroic-type games. In my experience, no other game system allows the creation of super-powered characters with such a wide-ranging, but also well-defined and fairly unambiguous range of powers and abilities, coupled with a reasonably clear and simple combat and action resolution system. Of course, such a flexible system can be abused by players who know too much, but that is something which (I hope!) bitter experience has, by now, taught me to avoid...

I've run a number of games using Champions over the years, details of many of which can be found through the links below, along with assorted other Champions and Hero-related material.

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The Superteam Name Generator

This uses Javascript to recreate the random team name generation method from Chapter 1 of the Superteam Handbook from Green Ronin.

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my Space 1889 Page or my Alternate History Page.

Some Other Champions-Related Links

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