"Nazi Superpunks Must Die"

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A world inspired by a combination of the cyberpunk genre, the 'Reich Star' RPG, and the 'Shaper/Mechanist' stories of Bruce Sterling.

The Superpunk world is one in which the Axis won World War 2, by a combination of better strategy and developing nuclear weapons before the Allies did. The world was split between the German and Japanese spheres of interest. Tension between these two spheres has fluctuated considerably over time.

Since the Axis victory, technology has advanced considerably.

Most of Earths population (now stable at 95 billion) live in vast arcologies, with only near-total recycling preserving the rest of the Earth's environment in a largely pristine state. The masses of the poor are confined to the cramped run down inner sections of the arcologies, never seeing daylight, oppressed both by the State and local criminals.

Space travel is well-developed, with faster-than-light travel having allowed both the Germans and Japanese to establish interstellar colonies, as well as facilitating colonisation of the Solar System.

Computer technology has allowed an extensive computer Net to grow up.

Japanese cybernetics and German genetic engineering and biotechnology are enhancing the elites of both power blocs. The German genetic engineers have even created genuine superbeings - lycanthropes, energy projectors, psychics - though they are currently short-lived and sterile (and controlled by addiction to a drug, Manacle, withdrawal from which is fatal), with the hope of turning the Aryan elite into a genuine super-race.

Of course, things are far from perfect. Many resistance groups in both the German and Japanese spheres keep the memories of life before the Axis takeover, and concepts such as democracy, alive in obscure corners of the world, or the Net. They work to over-throw the Axis powers, and re-establish a world in which their beliefs can flourish, and it is for one (or more) of these groups that the player characters work...

The few games I ran in this setting were done using the Champions system, with various house rules. However, it could be used under any system, which is why it is under the Roleplaying page as well as the Champions page.

Information on the Superpunk world is divided into the following sections :


NOTE: This set of web pages should not be construed as supporting Nazism or its views in any way. Quite the reverse in fact. It is my opinion that only by recognising the evil that was Nazism, and remaining vigilant against it, can we make sure that it never occurs again.

These pages are a work of fiction which uses my understanding of real history as its basis, but which diverges from it in many major ways. At least part of the inspiration behind them is the fact that Nazis do, after all, make excellent villains. It is not intended to deliberately offend anyone, or to trivialise the events on which it is based, nor should it be taken as any form of commentary on the real events from which it is derived; if anyone has read this page as such, then I apologise.

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