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"Now These Her Princes Are Come Home Again"

An Amber Campaign

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This game was intended to give our work roleplaying group, most of whom had never played Amber before, a taster of the game. Of course, this being Amber, it grew from the few sessions I optimistically thought it would take into a whole nine sessions, but there you go...

Because most of the characters would be starting knowing nothing of Amber, and scattered through shadow, I needed some reason why they should all be brought to Amber. This problem was solved by setting the game during Gerard's Regency; there is a threat to Amber, and Gerard, as the only Elder Amberite in Amber, needs help to eliminate it. And so the party was assembled. One of the players was familiar with Amber, and so his character, Gilgamesh, was used as my instrument in assembling the party (he knew this was going to be the case, and was fortunately co-operative, so this went quite well).

Since the original story arc, the game has grown into a full-fledged campaign.

The following is what has been played so far, along with background information:

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The Notes for the Game

The Player Characters

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Non-Player Characters

Other Information

Game System Related Information

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The title "Now These Her Princes Are Come Home Again" comes from Act 5, Scene 7 of the play 'The Life and Death of King John' by William Shakespeare.